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Tencate PGM-G50/50

The standard multi-functional product for stress-relief (STR) barrier (B) and Reinforcement (R) of new asphalt layers.
Based upon PGM 14, PGM G 50/50 additionally provides the function of reinforcement. This is possible due to the use of high strength glass fibre yarn with an elongation at break of less than 3%.


TenCate Polyfelt® PGM paving fabrics are mechanically bonded, continuous-filament, polypropylene non-woven’s with optimum bitumen retention capacity. PGM-G is ideally suited to the economic local maintenance of any cracked road surface with a stable substructure. It is a cost effective multifunctional solution in road repair.

The combination of TenCate Polyfelt® PGM - with its sealing and uniform bonding - and the glass filament reinforcement provides effective maintenance and leads to a sustainable reduction in new crack formation.


Tencate PGM-G50/50 composite is a reinforced paving interlayer with high strength, low elongation and high asphalt absorption. When installed with sufficient asphalt cement tack coat on a properly prepared surface, PGM-G50/50 composite and the tack coat form an impermeable interlayer system that is fully recyclable and adds long-term lifecycle cost benefits to your pavement.

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