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Tencate PGM-G100/200

PGM G 100/200 fulfils the same functions as 100/100, incorporating additional strength in a transverse direction. It is a reliable and perfect solution for road surface rehabilitation providing stress-relief (STR) barrier (B) and Reinforcement (R) at a high level, achieving durability and resistance to deformation.


  • Sealing: rain and oxygen cannot penetrate into the new or existing road structure.
  • Stress relief: PGM retards crack propagation through to the new overlay.
  • Adhesive bonding: PGM provide uniform bonding between old and new asphalt layers.
  • Temperature Behaviour: PGM provides good performance even at low temperatures.
  • Installation: quick and easy to install, even in curves and uneven surfaces.
  • Longevity: by providing durability of the pavement structure and delaying the deleterious effects of water, air and other environmental factors, thus reducing the environment impact and increasing maintenance intervals with a whole life maintenance cost reduction.


PGM-G100/200 is ideally suited for local applications of transverse and longitudinal cracks and construction joints. Various applications for example will include the widening of an existing carriageway or full reconstruction.

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