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PGM 14

PGM 14 is a mechanically bonded paving fabric made from 100% continuous-filament polypropylene nonwoven. Characterised by optimum bitumen storage capacity of 1.1 litres/m² especially developed for new road construction, rehabilitation of older roads and conforms to EN 15381.


PGM is economically more effective than conventional road-maintenance methods. Its use retards reflective cracking of repaired asphalt road surfaces by a combination of the functions stress relief, sealing and a uniform bonding between the asphalt layers.


With a bitumen-saturated PGM 14 applied to an existing cracked road surface and or a new surface course, it will retard or prevent reflective cracks by its stress absorbing and sealing functions. It is the ideal solution for surface dressing or thin wearing courses and the maintenance of minor roads.


Product Gallery

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Photo showing PGM14 overlaid with 40mm surface course
Photo showing PGM14 overlaid…
Damaged road in need of repair
Damaged road in need of repair
Road showing previous utility repairs
Road showing previous utility…
PGM14 Installed with a 160/220 bitumen bond coat
PGM14 Installed with a 160/220…

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